Roland S. Wilson

Symmetry, Intensity, Abstraction, Resolution, Balance, Form

These word describe the internal forces within me. My attraction to each of these element forms the basis for my creative endeavors. I find symmetry in all elements of nature and humanity. The abstraction of symmetry and form engages me. This is how I discovered Jazz at young age. Jazz music encompasses all of these concepts. It allows the musician freedom to engage in melodic abstraction within a framework of rules that are undefined yet understood by all participants. To take the music ‘out’ by adding tension in the harmonic relationships between the soloist and the band as well as the band members between themselves, then resolving it in a logical fashion within those unwritten rules is the ultimate challenge in Jazz. A process that takes years to learn and yet you never quite master as those rules are dynamic. 

The Symmetry inherent in photography proves to be the lure for me. The mystery of photography is how one person can look at a scene and capture it with intensity and beauty and another person can end up with a snapshot. I am now slowly moving from snapshots to creative art. I now try to look at the ordinary and familiar to see the beauty of its form. 

Presented on this site are some examples of my efforts. I hope you enjoy them. Both music and the photography are for sale. Click here for more information.